• Article for ISPIM Innovation Watch The Value of Foresight as the front end to Innovation’ pdf PDF)
  • Global Outlook: Reframing the Issues ( pdf PDF)
  • The Future Global City of 2050 ( pdf PDF)
  • The Meetings Sector in 2012 ( pdf PDF)
  • The Impact of Economic Uncertainty on the Meetings Industry ( pdf PDF)
  • New Investment Thinking –
    Using the Future as Filter for Investment Decisions ( pdf PDF)
  • Technology and the Future of Travel ( pdf PDF)
  • The Future of Secure Data in the Cloud ( pdf PDF)
  • The Future of Airline Retail – The Quest for Growth ( pdf PDF) – Airline Retail Conference 2011 Report – July 2011



Video Presentations

  • Rohit Talwar’s presentation as part of a panel on visions of the future, given to the ITU Telecom World Conference in Geneva, October 2011.
  • Rohit Talwar’s presentation (Part 1 and Part 2) as part of the Convention 2020 studyon the role of business events in building a global city, given to Business Events Sydney, June 2011.
  • Rohit Talwar’s keynote speech discussing the future of technology, business and strategic planning, given to the Moore Stephens worldwide conference in Orlando, November 2010 .
  • Rohit Talwar presentation ‘Seeing Around Corners’ discussing how organisations of all sizes can better plan for the future, given at InnoTown Innovation Conference in Ålesund Norway, June 2010.


  • Video interview with Rohit for Simply Communicate on the future role of internal communications
  • Interview with Rohit for Newsweek Poland on ‘The Future Drugs Landscape – Ushering in the Era of Digital Narcotics’ (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit on ‘Airport 2025 – Rethinking the Passenger Experience’ for the 2012 Hamburg Aviation Conference (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit on the ‘Shape of Jobs to Come’ for the Finnish Science magazine Tiede (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit on ‘Staffing the Hotel of the Future’ (pdf PDF)
  • Video interview with Rohit discussing the future of broadband and the innovations it will enable, at the NextGen 11 Conference in Bristol, 15th November 2011.
  • Video interview with Rohit in conversation with the Middle East technology website tbreak at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum in Dubai, discussing what technology will be like in ten years from now.
  • Interview with Rohit on the Future of Capitalism for (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit on the future role of travel agents for Terminal U aviation travel newsletter (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit for an MA thesis on the future of the meetings industry (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit for the Tax Free World Association (pdf PDF)
  • Interview with Rohit for EXAME Magazine, Brazil (pdf PDF)
  • Heart to Heart with Rohit, South Korea News (pdf PDF)