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We were delighted you could make it – your keynote was absolutely outstanding and I have never seen a reaction like that from an audience, and we have had some great speakers at our events down the years like Simon Woodroffe, Gerald Ratner and most recently Richard Reed from Innocent Smoothies. Your presentation received an extraordinary response from delegates with many saying it was the best they had ever seen. You were mobbed! Thanks again for all your effort and collaboration to make the presentation the perfect fit for the audience/event.” Dan Coleman – Event Director – Future Travel Experience (Vancouver / Las Vegas / Kuala Lumpur / London)

Rohit is a global futurist, strategist and award winning speaker noted for his humour, inspirational style and provocative content. He advises global firms, industries and governments on how to survive, thrive, spot and manage emerging risks and develop innovative growth strategies in the decade ahead. Profiled by the Independent Newspaper as a top ten global future thinker, his interests include the evolving role of technology in business and society, emerging markets, the future of education, sustainability and embedding foresight in organisations. Rohit helps clients understand how mega trends, emerging ideas, new business models, and disruptive developments in science and technology could impact individuals, society, business, industries and government. He currently leads studies on transformative drivers of change for the next decade, science and technology developments over the next forty years, impacts of emerging technologies on the legal sector, human enhancement and the Shadow Economy.

Rohit delivers keynote speeches for leaders at business, government and association events – working in 60+ countries on six continents around the world. Regular topics include future industries, the future of nations and cities, sustainability, jobs, opportunities and risks, new business models, disruptive technologies, change drivers, economic futures, innovation, developing economies, professional services, complexity and winning in a downturn. He authored Designing Your Future – Key Trends, Challenges and Choices, edited Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services, and contributes regularly on futures topics to books and journals.

Rohit leads Fast Future Research – conducting studies on topics such as Airport 2025, the Science and Technology Timeline, Environmental Impacts and Sustainability. Future of HR, Hotels 2020, Mega Trends, The Shape of Jobs to Come, Future of Cities, Travel and Tourism and Convention 2020. He has led scenario projects on 2015 / 2020, Asia, Migration, the Family, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Health Innovation, the Narcotics Landscape and Demographic Trends.

Clients: twofour54, 3M, Amadeus, Amex, Astra Zeneca, Axa, BBC, BT, BAe Systems, Ball Corp., Bayer, Berwin Leighton, Cable & Wireless, Center Parcs, Chartis, Citibank, CIO Connect, Crowe Horwath, Deloitte, DeutscheBank, De Beers, DHL, E&Y, EADS, Electrolux, Etisalat, FCm Travel, GE, Hoover, Hyland Software, Hyundai, IBM, ING, Imex, Intel, IHG, KPMG, Kennedys, Laing O’Rourke, Linklaters, M&S, Microsoft, Moore Stephens, Morgan Stanley, Nakheel, Nokia, Nomura, Norton Rose, Novartis, Orange/ EE, O2, Panasonic, Pepsi, Pfizer, Playtex, Preferred Hotels, PwC, Qatar Airways, RIM (Blackberry), Samsung, SAP, Santander, Sara Lee, Shell, Siemens, Simmons and Simmons, T-Mobile, Tata, Travelport, Vodafone, Whirlpool, Wragge and Co and Yell. He has also worked with 50+ associations, the OECD and government agencies in the US, UK, Finland, Dubai, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. Airports –Christchurch, Edmonton, Mumbai, Paris, Schiphol, Vancouver and Wellington. Convention Centres – Adelaide, Melbourne, QEII, Qatar and Vancouver. Convention Bureaus – Abu Dhabi, Athens, Durban, London, San Francisco, Seoul, Sydney and Toronto.



My colleague and I were delighted to be invited to attend a seminar hosted by Rohit Talwar at the QEII Conference Centre. The event proved to be an enlightening experience and gave a real insight into strategies that could push our business forward during these difficult times. Rohit’s presentation was clear, informative and entertaining, giving a global perspective to the challenges faced by businesses going into the next decade. The presentation provoked a truly illuminating discussion among the delegates, facilitated by Rohit’s insightful comments, everyone felt able to contribute to the conversation and this added greatly to the effectiveness of event. It was a shame we had to curtail the discussion but I think we would all still have been there for breakfast if we hadn’t stopped when we did!!I would not hesitate to recommend Rohit’s seminars to anyone who thinks and works on a strategic level, within a business or any other organisation.

 Steve Cook – CEO – The CBS Group


Rohit, I thought you were fabulous last week. In fact I will write about it in my next monthly newsletter. ‘Winning in a downturn’ is an eye-opener of a presentation that fills the mind with ideas. It also either provides an affirmation of things you are doing or a sharp reminder to make change where change is necessary! Your easy style makes for compelling ‘viewing’ and interaction.

Trevor Foley – CEO – TF Connect Ltd.


Rohit’s seminar – Winning in a Downturn – was one of those rare sessions which pass by in a flash and truly inspire new ideas. The combination of macro trends, practical actions and information from such a variety of sources really gave me food for thought and clearly inspired any number of ideas and questions from the other members of the audience. I have been remembering snippets all week and telling people about new trends, interesting facts and how we’ll all live to 150! I can highly recommend Rohit as a speaker and this session in particular – you will not be disappointed.”

Carina Bauer – Marketing & Operations Director – IMEX


Rohit is an excellent speaker and engages with the audience in an open and approachable way. The conference was an interesting insight into what the future economic climate might be and how to plan in uncertain times.

Sam Cork – Brand and Marketing Executive – Gulf Oil Ltd.


Just a short note to thank you for your presentation yesterday. It was fascinating and enlightening and clearly engaged the whole audience which was shown by the enthusiasm of the extended question and answer session.

Jane French – Director – The Right Address Ltd.


The subject matter was diverse and thought provoking. The audience were both engaged and entertained with many delegates debating a range of points from the presentation. Thanks for a great evening and an opportunity to encourage more lateral thinking. I certainly would have no reservations in recommending your services to our clients. I look forward to reading the book!

Paul Davis – Sales Director – McCullough Moore Ltd.         


Thank you the Winning in a Downturn seminar. I found the evening very valuable. Your presentation was extremely insightful and thought provoking. It gave me the impetus to think strategically where my firm’s services should be focused going forward. I agree that energy, infrastructure, healthcare, education, the internet as a core platform and the global shift in population will all play a key to success for companies going into the next round of scenario planning. The strategies and programs that you outlined will go a long way to help companies succeed.

Rick Weber Managing Director TimesPi Consulting


On behalf of the Kellen Europe organising team, I would hereby like to express our appreciation for your contribution to the success of this year’s EuroConference. Your presentation was highly informative and much appreciated by the audience.  We noticed a very engaged audience, eager to hear more or challenge you with “why Europe is important” – that is what it should do. The books went like hot cakes. It was a great pleasure to work with you again.

Alfons Westgeest Managing Partner Kellen Europe


Dear Rohit, I’d like to express our sincere thanks and most heartfelt appreciation for your excellent presentation at the Middle East Duty Free Conference last week in Abu Dhabi. The delegate feedback we have received on you is also nothing short of outstanding. We greatly appreciated your commitment to the conference theme and the way you responded to the brief – it was spot on. Not only was your presentation informative and provided real learning experience, you also delivered it in a truly entertaining manner keeping delegates on the edge of their seats throughout.

Michael Barrett – Conference & Research Manager – Tax Free World Association


Rohit’s example speeches include:

1. General Futures Talks 

The Future – Surviving and Thriving in a Constantly Changing Reality /

The Future of Business in a Constantly Changing Reality

The next 5-10 years could bring about a greater level of change for individuals, society, business and government than the last fifty. Science and technology will play a critical role in this transformation. Disruptive forces will include rapid technological evolution, the shift from the information age to a biological era, mapping and uploading of the human brain, emergence of new materials, the quest for radical life extension and the pursuit of immortality. These developments combined with economic, political, environmental and socio-demographic shifts will drive fundamental change across society.

In this rapidly changing world, we can expect evolution and revolution in everything from economic, political and social governance systems, through to education, healthcare and security. In business, reinvention will encompass mission and strategy, business models, organisation design and the nature of work. As individuals we will be challenged to think about our own purpose, how we can achieve personal fulfilment and how to structure and enjoy a life that could span 120 years or more.

To help us examine these issues, in this far ranging and inspiring talk, global futurist and award winning speaker Rohit Talwar will take us on a tour of the future. He will explore the key forces, emerging ideas and advances in technology that could shape our world over the next decade. Rohit will describe how these developments could impact everything from the design of products and services to the way in which we interact, sell, service customers and manage our organisations. He will highlight the implications for individuals, organisations and governments and the way in which we design, plan and manage our use of IT to realise its true potential in a constantly changing reality.

100 Drivers of Change for Business and The Accountancy Profession

This talk draws on Fast Future’s Study for ACCA and IMA exploring the forces and factors that could reshape business in the decade ahead and the implications for accountancy. Highlights the resulting strategic challenges and imperatives for business and the accountancy function to ensure they are effective and successful in the decade ahead.

The Future Unveiled

A provocative and inspiring tour of emerging trends, drivers, ideas and developments shaping tomorrow’s world. Examining the implications and opportunities for individuals, society, large and small firms, NGO’s and governments.

From Muscle to Magic – How Smart Firms Create the Future

A strategic approach to developing future strategy, drawing on practical case examples of how smart companies are using foresight to respond to emerging drivers of change and creating their own futures.

Emerging Market Strategies

A case study driven examination of how countries, cities and industry sectors can drive sustainable long-term development. Covering sectors such as ICT, financial services, education, transport, airports, white goods, industrial materials, retail, tourism and professional services. Delivered in countries as diverse as Chile, Estonia, Finland Holland, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Norway, the UAE, UK, USA and Turkey.

The Shadow Economy

Exploring the potential scale of the informal economy, how it might evolve over the next 20 years, impacts on government, business and society. Examining the implications for critical sectors and practical strategies for addressing and accommodating the informal sector.

1.1. Additional Titles 

2025: Competing for the future – global economic, business and technology drivers for innovation and growth

Identifying and assessing new and emerging sources of risk – a future-oriented framework

2. Country and City Futures

Visioning city futures – developing an integrated an sustainable economic, social and environmental model for tomorrow’s city

Digital City 2030: How advances in science and technology could transform tomorrow’s cities in mature and evolving economies

City Foresight in Action: practical approaches to developing integrated long-term economic and sci-tech advancement strategies

Visioning the future – integrating low carbon into a sustainable economic and social model for tomorrow’s city

Integrating low carbon in the smart city vision

Best practices and emerging thinking on eco-city development

Integrating economic, social and ecological sustainability in future urban planning

3. Innovation Talks

Case Studies of Radical Innovation, Disruptive Business Models And Business Transformation

Draws on an in-depth research programme examining the critical forces reshaping business over the next decade. Highlighting case examples of the way in which firms of every type and size around the globe are responding and shaping their own destiny in a fast changing environment.

Tomorrow’s Business Models

Introducing a range of emerging and evolving models being adopted to fund corporate assets, finance innovation and charge for goods and services. Highlighting new business models and concepts for particular sectors. Outlining practical approaches for developing tomorrow’s business models in a fast changing market environment.

3.1 Additional Titles

Preparing for the future: Global best practices and emerging ideas on innovation systems and economic innovation

Rethinking the institutional model – creating organizations that can drive innovation in a fast changing world

Using future insights to focus government strategies and funding for innovation

Using foresight and future thinking to drive business innovation

Current innovations, best practices and future developments in the training and development of enterprise personnel

Reinventing the public innovation infrastructure for fast growing economies

Best practice examples of science and technology innovation from the corporate sector in Asia and globally

Innovative funding models and strategies for an era of accelerating change

Enhancing the development and success rate of innovative start-ups in the new economy

A review of new and emerging business models for asset funding, financing innovation and revenue generation

The future of venture capital and innovation financing

How crowd funding is transforming access to capital and de-risking the venture capital process

 4. Science and Technology  Talks

Humanity 2.0 – Human Enhancement

An exploration of the range of applications and potential impact of human enhancement, an overview of the current state of enhancement science and how it might evolve. Discussion of the human, legal, moral, ethical, social and commercial implications, choices and challenges presented by the potential for significant augmentation of human capability.

Emerging Technologies – A Tour of the Future

Drawing on Fast Future’s extensive research programme, this study explores the potential applications and impacts of technology developments as diverse as augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, wearable technology and body implants, brain uploading, touchable holograms and genetic computing.

Science and Technology Developments Shaping the Next 5-50 Years

Drawing on Fast Future’s EU Futurium study and a range of other research programs, this speech explores the far frontiers and potential impacts of scientific research. Topics include emerging developments in information technology, life sciences, longevity and life extension, brain science, atomic engineering and next generation materials and processes. The speech can be tailored to the needs of individual clients and the range of scientific developments and emerging research that could impact and transform their sector.

4.1 Additional Titles

Human enhancement – state of the art in cognitive, genetic, physical and electronic augmentation of humans in the 21st century

Human Augmentation – How cognitive, genetic, physical and electronic enhancement could transform the workforce 

5. Sector Specific Talks

Airline 2030

The next 20 years will be characterised by fundamental shifts in the global economy, uneven growth, environmental concerns and rethinking of the purpose, design and organisation of business. At the personal level we can expect major advances in human health and wellbeing, radical life extension and the augmentation of humans by chemical, genetic and electro-mechanical means. Scientific advances also promise the potential of shape-shifting materials, uploading our brains to the web, driverless vehicles and artificially intelligent robots doing everything from serving our drinks to delivering babies and presiding over court cases.

Against this backdrop of transformational developments touching every aspect of our world – how do we design and manage an airline that can survive and thrive in a constantly changing reality? To help answer this question, global aviation industry futurist and award winning speaker Rohit Talwar will take us on a tour of the forces, ideas and developments that could shape the next two decades. He will explore the implications for passenger expectations and behaviour, service delivery, aviation business models and differentiation of the airline experience. Rohit will also highlight how others in the sector and related industries are responding.

Rohit is the author of Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem and has delivered speeches and workshops to airports and airlines around the globe.

Airport 2030

Drawing on Fast Future’s study on Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem, this talk explores how airports can transform themselves to survive and thrive in a fast changing and intensely competitive environment.

The Future of Professional Services

Drawing on a major global research effort to examine how international professional services firms are responding to change and industry evolution through strategic, structural, technological and cultural transformations.

Future of Legal and the Impact of Technology

Drawing on Fast Future’s year long Legal Technology Future horizons study exploring the global forces and industry drivers reshaping legal. Highlighting the transformative role of IT in the sector over the next decade and beyond.

Education Next: new strategies, models and approaches for primary, higher and adult education for the 21st century

Transport 2030: A review of emerging and future smart mobility solutions

Customised Industry Specific Speeches – E.g. Future of Financial Services / Aviation, Travel And Tourism / Healthcare / Construction and Real Estate / Engineering and Manufacturing  / Media / Technology / Telecoms /  Pharmaceuticals / New Materials / Automotive / Biotech and Chemicals

Identifying critical developments and transformational forces shaping key industries and the way in which innovators in those sectors are responding. Each speech is underpinned by detailed a tailored research on drivers of change, new thinking,  emerging innovations and leading edge case studies in each industry.

6. Energy and Environment Talks

Energy 2030 – Disruptive innovations that could transform the energy economy

Agenda 2030: Radical environmental and energy innovations that could have significant economic and ecological impact

Radical low carbon energy solutions for the next three decades

2025 and beyond – global economic, business and technology scenarios and implications for the Low Carbon Economy

Global best practices and emerging challenges for regional strategies on climate change adaptation

Global innovations and emerging ideas on financing mechanism and models, and low carbon investment strategies and approaches

Corporate innovation and new thinking on carbon reduction and mitigation

Low carbon innovation and emerging thinking in global travel, tourism and aviation