Fast Future offers 8 key services:

  • Bespoke research: Identification & analysis of future trends, drivers & shocks
  • Expert consultations & futures Think-Tanks
  • Accelerated scenario planning, timelining & future mapping
  • Identification of opportunities for innovation and strategic investment
  • Strategy creation & investment development of implementation roadmaps
  • Design & facilitation of innovation, incubation & venturing programmes
  • Personal futuring for leaders & leadership teams
  • Public speaking, in-company briefings, seminars and workshops

Example Projects

Public and private client research e.g. :

  • Designing Your Future (Published August 2008) – book written for the American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership
  • Future of Food / Food Innovation
  • Future of Childhood
  • Winning in a Downturn
  • Scenarios for 2030 and the implications for migration
  • The Science and technology horizon and the implications for ‘Jobs that don’t yet exist’
  • Aviation and Airports e.g. Aviation 2030
  • Travel and tourism e.g. Travel 2015 / Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East – Vision to 2020
  • Future of Travel and Tourism Investment in Saudi Arabia (Underway)
  • The Future of Convention Centres / Meetings, Conferences , Exhibitions and Events – e.g. One Step Beyond – Future trends and challenges for the events industry
  • Innovation in the Health Sector
  • Future of Luxury Real Estate in the Middle East
  • Scenarios for the global economy for 2030 and the implications for migration
  • Global Economies – e.g. The Future of China – the Path to 2020
  • Winning in India and China