Our Ethos

Fast Future is defined by its principles and commitments. Unlike most companies in the digital age we strive to preserve the human element within a technologically driven world. We are an accelerated futures and foresight research firm that maintains its core ethos through every interaction, project and publication.

Our Core Values

Our values drive what we do and how we do it – they are the foundations of our business.

Humanity – we preserve the human element in all that we do. We listen, share, advise, question and discuss in all our interactions and at all levels of our business.

Creativity – creativity breeds great ideas. Being a creative organisation allows us to form, explore and play with many possible futures. Without a strong sense of creatively we would not be able to imagine multiple possible futures.

Experimentation – we embrace change and all the opportunities it offers – we are always open to experimentation, for trying new ideas over the short or long term. Experimenting allows us to create the unexpected

Transparency – we are transparent about our methods, processes, business model and maintain this openness and honesty through-out all our transactions. We believe that a successful business must be built on trust, and transparency is the underpinning principle to facilitate that trust.

Collaboration – we believe that people brought together are stronger than people apart. Internally and externally we collaborate with authors, futurists,

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