As a publisher, our goal is to profile the latest thinking of established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers, and future thinkers from around the world, and to make those ideas accessible to the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time.

Our FutureScapes book series is designed to address a range of critical agenda-setting futures topics with in-depth contributions from global thought leaders and cutting-edge future thinkers. We cover topics that we believe are relevant to individuals, governments, businesses, and civil society. Our Fast Future series is designed to provide rapid insights into the emerging future with a collection of short, hard-hitting articles. These explore different trends, developments, forces, and ideas shaping the future and how we can respond in a manner that best serves humanity.

Our first book, The Future of Business, provides 60 fast-moving chapters and 566 pages of cutting-edge thinking from 62 future thinkers in 21 different countries on four continents. Traditional publishers would take two years to deliver a book of this magnitude; we completed the journey from idea to publication in just 19 weeks. We have also created an innovative business model that bypasses most of the traditional publishing practices and inefficiencies, embracing digital era exponential thinking and applying it to transform the publishing process and the distribution approach. Our publishing model ensures that our authors, core team members, and partners on each book share in its success. Additionally, a proportion of profits are allocated to a development fund to finance causes related to the core topic.

We hope that our story and our approach to publishing are an inspiring example of how business is evolving and being reinvented in the digital era. Over the coming years, Fast Future aims to publish the work of insightful and inspiring futurists and future thinkers. We are keen to receive proposals from potential authors and those interested in compiling and editing a multi-contributor book as part of either the FutureScapes or Fast Future series.

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Additionally, we produce high quality articles for industry specific journals, magazine and websites. Our team at Fast Future comprises excellent foresight professionals, futures strategists and writers.) If you have a potential brief let us know and we will produce some quality content for you.

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