As a business, we focus on providing practical advice backed by cutting edge insights that can help organisations adapt to and anticipate the emerging future. We use a range of futures focused research, foresight and scenario planning tools to create bespoke consultancy services, for example:

  • Identification of opportunities for innovation and strategic investment
  • Accelerated scenario planning, timelining & future mapping
  • Strategy creation & investment development of implementation roadmaps
  • Design & facilitation of innovation, incubation & venturing programmes
  • Personal futuring for leaders & leadership teams
  • Expert consultations & futures Think-Tanks

Research Services

As supplement to our consultancy services, to both support and inform our offering, we create bespoke research packages that include identification and analysis of future trends, drivers and shocks. This often works in conjunction with our consultancy services, equally, depending on your needs it may be a standalone piece of work. We have produced reports for a multitude of industry sectors. We draw on original research, interviews and surveys and apply the tools of future scenario and foresight planning to reach our conclusions.

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Upcoming Events

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    Post-Pandemic Scenarios for Air Transport - April 23rd 15.00 -17.00 BST (FREE)

    April 23, 2020

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    Aftershocks and Opportunities Webinar 3 Post-Pandemic Scenarios for Air Transport – Study Launch Thursday April 23rd 15.00 - 17.00 BST (Free) Air Transport has been heavily disrupted by COVID-19. So, how might the aviation ecosystem evolve amid the turbulence and future uncertainties? In this session, Rohit Talwar will launch new research by Fast Future and Future Travel Experience. He will present findings on COVID-19 Air Transport impacts, explore the near-term outlook and scenarios, and discuss implications and priorities with industry leaders.

    Webinar: Post-Pandemic Government and Governance

    April 30, 2020

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    Amid the pandemic disruption, critical questions arise on the implications for government and governance. Questions also arise over global institutions’ scope and capacity to act and whether a new digital era ones requires new structures and mechansisms. Nationally, democracies question whether unity governments should replace party divides. Others face choices emergency powers, when to relinquish them, and ensuring oversight. Operationally, many are learning how to run parliaments, government, and governance remotely. Finally, with electronic mechanisms introduced to tag, track, and trace, civil liberties issues also arise over state surveillance. Secondary questions also emerge over regulation of private sector operators of such services.

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