As a business, we focus on providing practical advice backed by cutting edge insights that can help organisations adapt to and anticipate the emerging future. We use a range of futures focused research, foresight and scenario planning tools to create bespoke consultancy services, for example:

  • Identification of opportunities for innovation and strategic investment
  • Accelerated scenario planning, timelining & future mapping
  • Strategy creation & investment development of implementation roadmaps
  • Design & facilitation of innovation, incubation & venturing programmes
  • Personal futuring for leaders & leadership teams
  • Expert consultations & futures Think-Tanks

Research Services

As supplement to our consultancy services, to both support and inform our offering, we create bespoke research packages that include identification and analysis of future trends, drivers and shocks. This often works in conjunction with our consultancy services, equally, depending on your needs it may be a standalone piece of work. We have produced reports for a multitude of industry sectors. We draw on original research, interviews and surveys and apply the tools of future scenario and foresight planning to reach our conclusions.

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Upcoming Events

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    Fast Future's London Futures Week

    July 04, 2020

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    4th - 10th July, 2020
    An Event for Leaders, Decision Makers, and Change Agents
    This comprehensive and action focused series of briefings, seminars, workshops, and conferences is designed specifically to meet the needs of business leaders, decision makers, and change agents who are tasked with navigating their organisations through future uncertainty.
    A Programme of Events Focused on Future Insights, Ideas, and Building Capability
    The program will be delivered by the Fast Future team and selected partners. The sessions will provide critical insights, inspiring ideas, practical tools, and robust approaches to explore and respond to the critical forces of change, disruptive trends, and radical new ideas that will shape the operating environment in the next few years. Fast Future is delighted that the launch partner is IORMA – The Global Consumer Commerce Centre.

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