The FutureScapes Future Makers Speaker Event Call


The FutureScapes Future Makers Speaker Event

Late November / Early December
Call for speakers, attendees and supporters for this Fundraiser

For event bookers, this is a fantastic opportunity to sample speakers who could support your organisation at future conferences, events, awaydays, training programmes, and workshops


Background -the PSA Foundation

I make a fair part of my income from professional speaking and as such I am a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA). Like many professional bodies, we have a foundation which supports members in difficulty. Everyone who’s experienced a good speaker knows the value they can bring to individuals and organisations. As the business landscape changes, I also expect more people will look to develop their careers as speakers and inevitably some of us will face difficulty at times. So, I think the Foundation is a worthy cause.

I’m already a supporter of the PSA Foundation and here’s what I plan to do as a next step to raise money for the cause. The idea is to pilot the concept and If it feels good, we’ll turn it into an irregular series.

The Event

We have deliberately chosen not to approach anyone before posting this as we want it to be a truly open call which everyone can contribute to.

Fast Future Publishing will create a one day fund raising speaker showcase event (9.30am to 5.30pm, 15 speakers) to be held in late November or early December in London to present a range of speakers. It will be positioned under the FutureScapes brand that we use for our current book series and events. The hope is that each speaker will get valuable feedback and potential follow-up opportunities from the people attending. I am hoping for around 100 attendees.

Each speaker will get 15 minutes to talk plus 10 minutes of feedback / Q&A. Speakers pay £20 towards the cost of venue hire, we’ll pick up the excess cost. If you want to do shorter talks that’s fine. Speakers are welcome to bring along product for sale at the back of the room. We’ll manage sales and 20% of whatever revenue you generate will go to the Foundation. If we get a free venue, then the speaker fees will go to the Foundation as well.

We are looking for the speaker roster to be genuinely diverse – gender, ethnicity, level of experience, age, topics, speaker style, and in every way possible. Totally open for topic suggestions e.g. thought leadership / subject based (economy, finance, future, etc.), motivational, leadership, marketing, sales, team building, Service, comedy, etc.

You don’t have to be a PSA member to participate but hopefully you’ll become one at some point if you see it as being of value.

We’ll charge attendees a relatively low fee to attend, this will include lunch and break refreshments. ALL net proceeds after these direct expenses will go to the Foundation.

A precondition of participation is that ALL speakers are expected to promote the hell out of the event to their contacts, bureaus etc. We will promote via our list of 32K+ contacts, social media, our Meetup group, and our PR activity. We’ll need to see evidence of you promoting the event.

I’d welcome any suggestions for decent venues that won’t cost the Earth and potential sponsors who might host us.

Would be great if Web / PR / Marketing / Social Media experts in my network could throw their weight behind this to help make it a success. If anyone wants to help with the admin that would be oh so helpful.

I’d welcome any ideas in general on how we can make this a success. If you don’t like the idea or think we should be doing something different, I’m keen to hear your views – please message or email me those points.

If you are interested in speaking, drop me a line telling me what your subject is, enclosing your one sheet and providing a link to a video (if you have one) where I can get a feel for your topic. Please include a three-sentence description of you and your topic that will be used in the marketing. It is fine if you are starting out – this is a great way of trying material and getting feedback from an audience that knows why it’s there.

If you can help in any way, please let me know.

Rohit Talwar

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