The FutureScapes Future Makers Speaker Event


The FutureScapes Future Makers Speaker Event

Wednesday December 7th 9am – 6pm
City University Cass Business School, Aldersgate, London

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What are the forces and factors shaping tomorrow’s business?
What are the key ideas and approaches that can drive performance in the next few years?
How can we get the best out of organisation and people in a fast-changing world?

The Future Makers Speakers Day is being organised by Fast Future Publishing and hosted by City University Cass Business School. The day provides a fantastic opportunity to hear a range of inspiring, insightful and highly pragmatic speakers addressing critical topics of relevance to a business audience. Many of the speakers will be delivering new presentations that they are sharing with a business audience for the first time.
The event is aimed at business executives, training and development leaders, event managers, and speakers’ bureaus looking for great speakers who can offer insight, ideas, inspiration, and practical advice that could help drive business forward in 2017.
Each speaker will talk for 15 minutes followed by time for Q&A and any feedback you want to give them.
The event is priced at just £125 + VAT and a booking fee of £8.34 – refreshments and lunch will be provided.
All proceeds will go the PSA Foundation.
The speaker line up and topics are listed below.

Alison Murray
Breaking the Right Things
As long as we don’t break the people or the planet, let’s break as many limitations as possible so we can spend more time enjoying the time we have.


Anna Ellis
Future Imperfect
Social media filter bubbles are changing how we interact. We need to practice seeking for and accepting an imperfect world if we are to avoid a dystopian future.


Bill McAllister-Lovatt
Conversations to Innovate & Disrupt
How the narrative and conversations within the business can allow you to capture those key elements that enable the business to think and behave differently.

annaellisCarole Spiers
Carole is a Business Stress consultant and International Motivational speaker who demonstrates to organisations how they can increase the performance and productivity of their employees by building resilience and managing change effectively.
Show Stress Who’s Boss!
Surviving and thriving as the pressure mounts up. In today’s frenetic business environment, the need for resilience grows by the day. Cultivate mental toughness and learn how to bounce back from challenging obstacles. See the results.annaellis

Chantal Cooke
How being an expert spokesperson in the media can accelerate your career and your earnings
Being a sought-after media spokesperson can highlight your expertise and make you visible both internally and externally with potential future employers. Award winning journalist Chantal Cooke will share the secrets of how to build your media profile.

Julie Holmes
Julie Holmes is a communication expert & award winning speaker that advises organizations on applying mindful communication principles to increase engagement, develop effective leaders and to powerfully connect with others both internally and externally.
You Should Be M.A.D. To Work Here
Make A Difference with Mindful Communication. Julie will explain how M.A.D. Strategies create positive connections with long term impact.

Mark Wingfield
emPower Your Future
Mark will introduce you to an extraordinary application of recently acquired knowledge in the field of neuroscience. Build your own MAX Haven and live a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Matt Pritchard
Dr Matt Pritchard is a curator of wonder and science magician who loves to challenge his audience to dream big.
The Illusion of Impossible
A magician’s mindset allows them dream big, innovate and to stay at least one step ahead of the competition. In this interactive and demo-packed talk, Matt will share some simple tricks that can be used in both business and personal development.

Mike Segall
How to be an Outstanding Networker!
Why networking is the lifeblood of your business. Do you have a networking strategy?

Phillip Khan-Panni
Telling the Right Story About Your Business
Phillip argues that an incredible 80% of business presentations fail – mainly because they tell the wrong story. This presentation will open your eyes to identifying your real added value and talking about it well.


Sally Sheen
How to Transform Company Culture Quickly
In an era of rapid change, leaders need to continuously realign organisational culture with the fast-paced evolution of their business.  So how do you transform company culture quickly? Sally shares five principles for rapid culture change drawing on her experience of leading transformation in a wide range of organisations.

Simon Hazeldine
Simon Hazeldine is a bestselling author and hard hitting speaker who will give you an unfair selling and negotiating advantage that your competitors will hate.
Brain Friendly Selling: How Neuroscience Can Power Your Sales Success
More has been learned about how the brain functions and how it makes buying decisions in the last 5 to 10 years than in the whole of human history. Discover how to implement cutting edge ‘brain friendly’ selling strategies into your sales approach and watch your sales results sky-rocket.

Steven Houghton-Burnett
Love Your Disruptors… How to THRIVE not SURVIVE in Times of Change
Steven will explore how great leaders build an environment of TRUST often leading by example. He will show how they and the audience can leverage that trust to take people through change.Steve Wells
Steve is an experienced Presenter, Strategist, Futures Analyst and Partnership Working Practitioner. He helps clients make informed choices by facilitating conversations about emerging technologies and the role they could play in the future.
Applying Exponential Thinking to Business – The Fast Future Publishing Story
Steve will tell the story of Fast Future Publishing and how it is applying exponential thinking in an evolutionary and experimental journey into the world of publishing and beyond.

Stuart Myers
Building Resilience and Inclusion
Born without arms, Stuart provides an inspirational look at what can be achieved against the odds. Stuart challenges people of all ages to think about their life choices in a whole new way.

Rohit Talwar
Rohit is a futurist and award winning speaker who advises global corporations, governments and professional bodies on how to navigate the forces, ideas, and exponential technologies shaping the future.
A Very Human Future
In the face of rapid and far reaching technological change, there is a risk that organisations will lose their creative edge and points of differentiation as they pursue digital transformation and replace workers with smart machines. Rohit will argue that the real winners in the next decade will be those businesses that genuinely seek to maximise human talent backed up by the best of what technology can deliver.

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