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Artificial Intelligence – 10 Questions Business Leaders Should be Asking

By Rohit Talwar The current level of business and media attention being placed on the speed of development and potential applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggest it's time for leaders and decision makers in business to...

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Urbanization Challenges and Sustainability Demands

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington How will cities meet the needs of swelling populations? Here are some positive solutions to the urban future. Massive Urbanization by 2050 Of the projected global population of 9.8bn by...

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Is society prepared to “draw the line” on the use of facial recognition systems?

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington, Helena Calle Facial recognition is entering everyday life at an accelerating pace and driving a global debate about whether the benefits warrant the potential intrusion of personal privacy and...

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10 Ways Higher Education Could be Transformed to Support the Needs of a Changing World

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Helena Calle Is there a future for higher education? There is probably no other industry or social institution quite as invested in the future than education,...

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A Very Healthy Future

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington, Helena Calle There is a digital transformation underway in healthcare that is starting to deliver tangible benefits directly to consumers. Digital healthcare is part of a bigger wave of medical...

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Reinventing Reality – What might the digital and connected workplace of the future look like?

By Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, and Alexandra Whittington Will tomorrow’s workplace be shaped by smart software, robots, and intelligent devices with few workers on display—or can we apply these technologies mindfully to create a more human...

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Preparing People for the Future

By Rohit Talwar and Helena Calle As futurists, it may be no surprise that we believe talent management and world class learning will differentiate the winners and losers in the emerging future. However, the growing demand...

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Is Cash Doomed to Extinction?

By Steve Wells, Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Helena Calle The future of money in the age of digital currency is one of the topics we’ve been exploring most frequently in a variety of...

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Promise in the Gloom – How the Bleak Future Scenarios for Employment Might Save the Environment

By Rohit Talwar, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Maria Romero How might future changes in the structure of business and the nature of work impact the environment? An Ecological Upside to Job Automation? While governments around...

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The Future of Work in the Private and Public Sectors – A Worst-Case Scenario

By Rohit Talwar I have just taken part an extensive survey on the Future of Work, conducted for a UK government department. Below are my thoughts on what the worst-case outcomes might be for the various...

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Could Human Enhancement Prevent Robots from Taking Jobs?

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