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Summary of Politico Magazine Article: How Might Coronavirus Change our World?

Politico Magazine surveyed more than 30 macro thinkers – here are the key messages:


1. The personal becomes dangerous.

2. A new kind of patriotism.

3. A decline in polarization.

4. A return to faith in serious experts.

5. Religious worship will look different.

6. New forms of reform.



7. Regulatory barriers to online tools will fall.

8. A healthier digital lifestyle.

9. A boon to virtual reality.


Health / Science

10. The rise of telemedicine.

11. An opening for stronger family care.

12. Government becomes Big Pharma.

13. Science reigns again.



14. (US) Congress can finally go virtual.

15. Big government makes a comeback.

16. Government service regains its cachet.

17. A new civic federalism.

18. The rules we’ve lived by won’t all apply.

19. Revived trust in institutions.

20. Expect a political uprising.



21. Electronic voting goes mainstream.

22. Election Day will become Election Month.

23. Voting by mail will become the norm.


The Global Economy

24. More restraints on mass consumption.

25. Stronger domestic supply chains.

26. The inequality gap will widen.



27. A hunger for diversion.

28. Less communal dining—but maybe more cooking.

29. A revival of parks.

30. A change in our understanding of ‘change.’

31. The tyranny of habit no more.

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