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PR – Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon

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Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon is a provocative, challenging, and inspiring book in which 37 world-class futurists, analysts, subject matter experts, and strategists explore the issues and opportunities that could arise in our post-pandemic world in a range 40 fiction and non-fiction chapters.

Authors from as far and wide as the UK, USA, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Greenland, Kenya, and the UAE explore critical ‘future defining’ themes including exponential advances in science and technology, societal change, medical breakthroughs, economic volatility, and shifts in geopolitical power. How might these play out, and what impact could they have on our lives?

A wide variety of ideas, scenarios, and possible future paths are covered in a broad mix of topics that range from food sovereignty, retirement, the rise of the crypto economy, China-US relations, and leadership skills, through to physical wellbeing, education, insurance, and urban mobility. Essential reading for anyone shaping political, economic, or business decisions, this book will help individuals plan for a sustainable future and increase their resilience against future risks.


Category: Future

ISBN: Print: 978-1-8381955-0-2 / EeBook: 978-1-9999311-7-9

Format and Release Date: Paperback and eBook – 28 September 2021

Available on: Amazon


Paperback: £12.95 / €14.95 / USD$15.95

eBook: £7.95 / €8.95 / USD$9.95

Book title: Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon

By Author: Rohit Talwar and 36 contributors

Editors: Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington




About Aftershocks and Opportunities 2: Navigating the Next Horizon

Author and global futurist, Rohit Talwar, has brought together 37 futurists and future thinkers to explore a range of emerging ideas, scenarios, and shifts on the horizon, from the rise and impact of the crypto economy to sustainable food production. In total, it covers 40 topics including the reinvention of travel and residency, national security in the new normal, generational reactions to the pandemic, how digital eco-systems could shape the recovery, and the future of countries and regions such as Greece, the Caribbean, and Africa.

About the author

Global futurist, foresight researcher, award-winning keynote speaker, writer, editor, and CEO of Fast Future, Rohit Talwar became captivated by what the future might hold following the historic moon landing when he was just eight years old.

Today, Rohit advises leaders in global businesses, governments, and NGOs around the world on how to anticipate and respond to disruptive changes such as the growth of China, accelerating progress in artificial intelligence, and the evolution of the crypto economy.

He established Fast Future Publishing in 2015 and has published six books exploring the future. He has also written two books with other publishers.

Testimonials about Rohit Talwar

“Rohit works on the brink of thought leadership, challenging his audiences to look beyond their comfort zones and the result is an often exciting glimpse of the potential future – where human, economic, societal, and technological futures meet. A must-see for anyone involved in strategic leadership, technology, or planning.” Claire Priestly, Director of IT, City London University

Your keynote was absolutely outstanding, I’ve never seen a reaction like that from an audience, and we’ve had some great speakers at our events, like Simon Woodroffe, Gerald Ratner, and Richard Reed from Innocent Smoothies. You received an extraordinary response from delegates, with many saying it was the best they’d ever seen. Dan Coleman, Event Director, Future Travel Experience

“Rohit Talwar is a revelation He is easily one of the most thought-provoking authors I have read.” Cliff Moyce, DataArt

“As a gifted global thought leader, Rohit Talwar, is THE futurist to watch for the 21st century.” Carole Copeland Thomas, TEDx Speaker and thought leader.


Editors notes

Fast Future is a research, insights, consulting, and executive education business. The company specializes in the use of foresight applied to explore the future of humanity, government and governance, the economy, business, key sectors, and exponentially advancing fields of science and technology. The company has a particular interest in the impacts of developments such as artificial intelligence, robotics, exponential technologies, and disruptive thinking. Through its work, Fast Future explores how these emerging ideas and developments might impact life, society, nations, the planet, the future of work, and the creation of the trillion-dollar sectors of the future.

Through speeches, webinars, studies, and books Fast Future explores, experiments with, and creates powerful future ideas and scenarios. The intention is to deliver critical insights to the individuals, governments, businesses, and agencies that want to consider and create a better future. Fast Future’s books and newsletter provide insightful and thought provoking content and profile the latest thinking of established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers, and future thinkers from around the world.

Fast Future’s goal is to make those ideas accessible to the widest possible audience in the shortest possible time. Fast Future has a particular focus on ensuring these advances are harnessed to unleash individual potential and enable a very human future. Fast Future’s books are designed to provide rapid insights into the emerging future with a collection of short, hard-hitting articles. These explore different trends, developments, forces, and ideas shaping the future and how we can respond in a manner that best serves humanity.

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