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Sohail Inayatullah

Professor Sohail Inayatullah is the UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies at USIM, Malaysia. He is a political scientist/futurist at Tamkang University, Taipei; an Associate at Melbourne Business School. From 2001-2020, he was Adjunct Professor from the...

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Sylvia Gallusser

Sylvia is an inquirer of our future, conducting prospective studies on the future of health and aging, the future of work and learning, as well as transformations in transportation/mobility and in the retail world. She also...

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Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright is the Applied Futurist, helping people and organisations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision, and respond with innovation. Tom will help you and your audience to connect tomorrow’s...

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Sheila Moorcroft

Sheila Moorcroft has spent over 40 years researching and helping others to think about the future. She is an expert futurist specialising in horizon scanning, trend analysis and scenario development to help clients make sense of...

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Roberto Saracco

Roberto Saracco fell in love with technology and its implications long time ago. His background is in math and computer science. Until April 2017 he led the EIT Digital Italian Node and then was head of...

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Robert Caldera

Rob Caldera is the principal owner of Future|Shift Consulting, LLC, a consulting practice dedicated to helping clients anticipate and navigate disruptive change and make step-change improvements in the way they connect, communicate, and collaborate.   Prior to...

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Paul Plant

Paul is a vastly experienced Strategic Marketeer, Digital Thought Leader and Change Agent with an enviable record of transforming and growing businesses all over the world. A former Yell plc executive, he is now an independent...

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Morgan D. Kauffman

Morgan D. Kauffman has degrees in Geology and Strategic Forecasting from the University of Houston and a certificate in data science. He has worked as a consultant on forecasting and systems dynamics projects, and has written...

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Miranda Mantey

Miranda Mantey is an experienced researcher, foresight practitioner, and strategist with a passion for learning and the future. Miranda completed her undergraduate degree in business and her aptitude for research, communicating insights and strategic thinking was...

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Katherine Van Gurp

Katherine is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA).  Since commencing, Katherine has implemented a new forecasting and foresight role for policing across Australia and New Zealand examining future trends...

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