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The Reinvention of Travel with Hjörtur Smárason

Hjörtur Smárason is the Chief Executive Officer at Visit Greenland and a contributing author to the book Aftershocks and Opportunities 2 – Navigating the Next Horizon Read More

Nowhere to Hide in 2025 with Gina Clifford

The Covid pandemic caused authorities across the world to consider more pervasive digital tracking tools to monitor the spread of the disease. In this podcast, Gina describes the scenario she developed and explores the potential implications... Read More

Crypto, AI and The Future Of Travel With Rohit Talwar

This week I am joined by Rohit Talwar a global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Fast Future. His expertise lies in helping the travel sector, leaders in corporations, tourism boards, investment firms,... Read More

Shifts on the Path to 2030 with Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar explores 20 the emerging future factors that could turn into influential shifts shaping the next decade and beyond. The shifts he identifies can be characterised under the headings; Operating Environment, Lives and Lifestyles, Economy,... Read More

The Future of Homes Through the 2020s with Alex Whittington

Futurist at Partners in Foresight, Alex Whittington, discusses the Future of Homes Through the 2020's Read More

The Future Five Grand Challenges with Rohit Talwar

Rohit Talwar talks about the Future Five Grand Challenges. Grand challenges are more than ordinary research questions or priorities, they are end results or outcomes that are global in scale. Read More

The Future of Travel with Dr Rob Grenfell and Rohit Talwar

Rohit is an award-winning thought leader, author and founder of Fast Future, a research and insights business that specialises in the fields of futures and foresight. Rob and Rohit are uniquely placed to talk to this... Read More

The Future of the Crypto-Economy with Rohit Talwar

In this episode, Rohit Talwar discusses the Future of the Crypto-Economy and Cryptocurrencies. Read More

Mike Skrypnek, Jackie Lapin & Rohit Talwar on Thought Leader Life Credibility Specials

Get to know these successful thought leaders and find out how they present themselves and their crafts as experts in their fields Read More

Leading for Tomorrow – Developing Future Focused Leaders – Rohit Talwar

How can we use the future to build back better? Renowned futurist Rohit Talwar is interviewed by Global Ambassador of Awards International Luke Murfitt Read More


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