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Exploring the Business of the Blockchain by Rohit Talwar & Alexandra Whittington

Alexandra Whittington reads a chapter that she co-authored with editor Rohit Talwar explaining blockchain and its future implications for society, business, and economies. More about The Future of Business Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @FutrBiz Music...

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Global Drivers of Change Section 1

In the opening section titled, "Visions of the future – What are the global transformations on the horizon?" the book explores some big picture views of how our world could play out in the next two decades...

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Education 2025 – Building a Generation of Problem Solvers by Alberto Rizzoli

Alberto Rizzoli is a young Italian futurist, educational innovation entrepreneur, and a recent graduate of Singularity University. In his chapter, he explores how schools and learning could evolve through the rapid adoption of new technologies and...

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Futures Journalism: A Manifesto by Anna Simpson

In this episode, Anna Simpson, a Singapore-based author and curator of Forum for the Future’s Futures Centre, examines the current crisis in the prac­tice and institutions of journalism and news reporting, and argues the need for...

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The Future of the Internet by Alexandra Whittington (reading) & Rohit Talwar

In today's episode Alexandra Whittington reads the chapter she coauthored with Rohit Talwar in which they describe key forces and factors that are shaping the next 20 years of the internet, and discuss how the internet’s...

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Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine by Gerd Leonhard

Contributing author Gerd Leonhard reads his chapter, Redefining the Relationship of Man and Machine. Gerd is a futurist, keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of the Futures Agency. In this chapter, he sets out the case for a...

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The Future Business of Body Shops by B.J. Murphy

Contributing author B.J. Murphy reads his chapter, The Future Business of Body Shops. B.J. Murphy, a 24-year-old American Technoprogressive Transhumanist, writer, editor and social media manager for the futures magazine, presents a powerful vision for...

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Introducing The Future of Business Podcast

Welcome to our podcast! In this short episode, we'd like to introduce you to The Future of Business, the purpose behind this podcast, and tell you a little bit about Fast Future Publishing. Visit us at...

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