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Puruesh Chaudhary

Puruesh is a development and strategic communications professional and the founder and president of AGAHI, an NGO focused on creating knowledge collaboration and information sharing platforms. She discusses how the practice of journalism needs to evolve...

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Pétur Albert Haraldsson

Pétur is a business executive, entrepreneur, and financial services change agent from Iceland. Pétur presents a compelling vision of how the economic and financial system could evolve in the digital age to enable true market driven...

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Dr. Peter Cochrane

Peter is a seasoned technology innovator and entrepreneur and former head of research and Chief Technology Officer for BT in the UK. Peter outlines the radical innovations required in networking infrastructures to support the projected growth...

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Dr. Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop was director of the Foresight program at the University of Houston and is now the executive director of Teach the Future which helps educators teach foresight. He highlights how organizations can acquire the key...

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Omar Mohout

Omar Mohout, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School, discusses the limits of the disruptive innovation philosophy and argues that future success requires companies to adopt Hyper Scalable thinking to succeed in winner-takes-all markets.

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Norman Rebin

Norman is a Canadian-based specialist in productivity and communications focused on global business. He outlines the drivers for and benefits of increasing future corporate involvement and investment in international aid and development.

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Michael Nuschke

Michael Nuschke is a retirement futurist, writer, and speaker. After a 30+ year career as a retirement planner, he realized that a retirement planner was really a “closet futurist”. He came out of the closet 10...

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Michael Mascioni

Michael is a market research consultant, writer, and conference planner in digital media and clean energy. He provides an overview of how the use of ambient interactivity could play out to enhance user experiences and marketing...

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Matt Alder

Matt Alder is a digital strategy expert who focuses on the future of work. He examines the critical forces of business change and how they are shaping tomorrow’s organization designs and models of work and employment.

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Martin Dinov

Martin Dinov is a PhD student and researcher at Imperial College London focused on modeling, understanding, and improving attention, cognition, and brain function. In The Rise of Neurosocial Networks, Martin and Andrew Vladimirov examine the potential...

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