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Yates Buckley

Yates is a founding partner at UNIT9, an award-winning UK digital production agency. He explores how we might use intelligent personal agents to integrate our technology ecosystem to best communicate with us, control access to our...

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William E. Halal

Bill is Professor Emeritus of Management, Technology, and Innovation at George Washington University, Washington, D.C. and founder of the TechCast forecasting system. He presents forecasts out to 2030 for critical technologies, social trends, and wild cards,...

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Vinay Gupta’s

Vinay Gupta’s career has seen three distinct phases: software nerd, ecologist, and revolutionary. He is now the release manager for Ethereum – a new “trustless software platform for developing and running decentralized applications on the internet”....

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Victor Vahidi Motti

Victor is a noted and award-winning foresight scholar and academic futurist, explores how rapid and radical advances in science and technology could disrupt and reformulate our understanding of human capability, wisdom, and the nature of work.

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Tiana Sinclair

Tiana Sinclair is a UK-based product manager, futurist, and an advocate of emerging technologies and runs the Future Tech Track event for early technology adopters. Tiana highlights how a range of advanced technology developments could be...

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Stephen Roulac

Stephen is a San Francisco-based real estate expert, litigation consultant, strategy advisor, and author. He examines the range of factors that will influence our future decisions about where to live, work, and locate our businesses and...

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Stephen Aguilar-Millan

Stephen is a consulting futurist from the UK and Director of Research at the European Futures Observatory. He examines the potential for the pace of change to stop accelerating and possible consequences.

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Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Sohail Inayatullah is on the faculty at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan and director of He identifies critical insights and principles for how we can use foresight and a learning journey...

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Sally Morem

Sally is a freelance writer based in Northern Minnesota and Southwest Florida with an interest in emerging technologies, including space development and transhumanism. She highlights the highly disruptive potential impacts of the rise of 3D printing...

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Rishi Haldanya

Rishi is a U.S. student with a strong interest in personal development, consciousness, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship. He highlights how working with human consciousness could enhance workplace performance and create opportunities across a growing number of sectors.

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