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Maree Conway

Maree Conway is an experienced foresight and strategy consultant and the founder of Thinking Futures (Australia). She explores how to infuse foresight into existing corporate strategy processes to strengthen outcomes and execution.

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Laura Goodrich

Laura is a speaker, coach, advisor, and Global Workforce Innovator focused on change and the future of work. She describes the fundamentals of business agility as a management methodology to ensure organizations have the capacity to...

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Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler is a U.S.-based author, consultant, teacher, and global speaker, and founder and president of The Future of Talent Institute. Kevin explains how the confluence of factors driving business change will force us to rethink...

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Julian Snape

Julian is a UK-based adviser on the impacts of disruptive technologies for small to medium enterprises and one of the early co-founders of Transhumanism in the UK. He traces the rapid evolution of 3D printing and...

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Joyce Gioia

Joyce Gioia is president and CEO of The Herman Group (U.S.) and a Strategic Business Futurist advising global clients on workforce and workplace trends. She highlights how maximizing the experience of each stakeholder group could be...

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Jim Burke

Jim is a U.S. foresight coach focused on delivering innovation and effective ways to think about and act on future. Jim highlights the growing use of Design Thinking as part of the foresight process, particularly for...

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Jeffrey Joslin

Jeffrey is a self-proclaimed “extraterrestrial from the Pleiades star cluster” and a writer on the advancement of technology. He argues that 3D printing could be the most disruptive innovation in history – reshaping industry value chains,...

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James H. Lee

Jim is a Delaware-based investment advisor and authority on emerging technologies and social trends. He examines the potential opportunities and risks associated with tapping into fields of crystallized natural gas in the form of methane hydrates...

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Dr. Ian Pearson

Dr. Ian Pearson, a globally acclaimed futurist and inventor, takes us on a journey to the frontiers of human enhancement, examining how scientific advances could turn the body into a technology platform and blur the boundaries...

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Hardin Tibbs

Hardin Tibbs, a highly experienced UK-based futurist, strategist, educator, and writer, highlights the importance of developing the critical future thinking skills that enable an organization to anticipate and adapt to change.

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