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Dr. Claire Nelson

As a futurist and sustainability engineer, Claire helps organizations and people see the future more clearly and map the journey to their desired future.  Listed among Forbes Top 50 Female Futurists, through her insightful storytelling she...

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Calum Chace

Calum, a highly acclaimed author, international authority on artificial intelligence (AI), and experienced business executive, examines the likely benefits and risks of AI and so-called “conscious machines” for business and society.

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Dr. Boyan Ivantchev

Boyan is an associate professor in behavioral finance and board member of a Bulgarian listed private equity fund. He examines the evolution of the role of money, its emergence as Postmoney and the potential future scenarios...

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B.J. Murphy

B.J. Murphy is an American Technoprogressive Transhumanist, writer, editor, and social media manager for the futures magazine B.J. outlines a powerful vision for how advances in cybernetics, 3D printing, and the biohacking movement could drive...

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Benjamin Mottram

Benjamin Mottram is a UK-based future thinker and authority on crowdsourcing and gamification. He discusses how organizations can make sense of and address the unforeseen and complex problems that will be thrown up by a constantly...

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Anne Lise Kjaer

Anne Lise, a global futurist and trend observer based in Denmark, discusses how relationships between producer and consumer could change and the implications for how organizations will need to adapt to engage with ever-more demanding consumers.

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Anne Boysen

Anne is a Norwegian futurist and researcher specializing in generational analysis. She examines the evolving nature, expectations, and workplace implications of those born after 1995 – often referred to as “Generation Z”.

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Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson, a Singapore-based author and curator of Forum for the Future’s Futures Centre, examines the current crisis in the practice and institutions of journalism and news reporting, and argues the need for journalism to evolve...

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Anish Mohammed

Anish, a UK-based technologist and security expert, explains the notion of the technological singularity, and examines the potential challenges it could create for humanity.

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Andrew Vladimirov

Andrew Vladimirov is an experienced Ukrainian neuroscientist specializing in stimulation technologies.  Together with Martin Dinov, they examine the potential developments in, and applications of, neurotechnologies that could allow people to network at a brain-to-brain level.

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