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Shaping the Future of Journalism by Puruesh Chaudhary

Social media, citizen journalism, AI-based reporting systems, big data, auto-generated news articles – with so much disruption happening, what will the future of journalism be? How will it survive all of these drastic shifts? Puruesh Chaudhary tackles these very questions in her chapter, “Shaping the Future of Journalism” and offers up foresight journalism as a potential solution. In this small interview, Puruesh tells us about herself, her chapter, her current projects, and what actions she believes would lead to a better future for us all.


What is the focus of your chapter in The Future of Business?

Journalism plays an important role in shaping public perception and opinions. While my chapter briefly highlights the use of technology as one of the key determinants of processing tremendous amount data and information in easy to understand linguistics either in form of human or artificial intelligence, it also underscores the urgent need to introduce foresight journalism, keeping in view of values and ethics in the academic sphere. Over the last decade or so bourgeoning sources of news have enabled information consumers to question the traditional infrastructure, often providing one dimensional coverage greatly undermining a relationship based on trust. Although ‘content is king’, the loss of confidence in these conventional mediums has created space for knowledge entrepreneurs to produce quality journalism, where maintaining public trust is the core interest. These alternate sources with a non-linear approach have the ability to adapt to technological advancements and respond to the rising needs of the consumer at a much faster scale.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am a futures researcher, development and strategic communications professional. My focus has been on creating knowledge collaboration, studying information trends and patterns contributing towards developing conceptual frameworks improving policy and decision-making in Pakistan.

What future-oriented topics or issues are you focusing on currently?

Recently I created a futures research grants programme aimed at promoting and pursuing Peace and Technology in collaboration with the Department of Defence and Strategic Studies at the Quaid-i-Azam University and The China Study Center at COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology. The purpose of doing this was to encourage young researchers to work on forward-looking study within the course of their masters programme at the university. Apart from this I am working on Pakistan Foresight Initiative, that aims to enable an environment for policymakers, legislatures and political groups to realign themselves in an effective decision-making process across matters related to human security. The long-term objective of this initiative is to institutionalize futures thinking in the country.

If you could bring about one change in the world to ensure a positive future – what would it be?

End hypocrisy and let go. Principles of co-existence have merely become rhetoric and inept; myopic policies have endangered lives and have made this world far more vulnerable. The world needs to think about the current and future generations using a wholesome approach; deeply networked sustainable futures is in the interest of governments at its people.


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