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Space-Based Solar Power – What’s Holding Us Back? An Interview with Devin Daniels

Devin Daniels is a scholar, physicist, futurist, and entrepreneur. In this small interview, he discusses his contribution to The Future of Business, his interests, and his future hopes for humanity.

What is the focus of your chapter in The Future of Business?

For The Future of Business, I wrote the chapter “Space-Based Solar Power and Wireless Power Transmission”. The focus of this chapter is to first demonstrate why space-based solar power (SBSP) is a desirable technology, establish its feasibility, and elaborate on the obstacles. The primary obstacle to SBSP is wireless power transmission (WPT). WPT is necessary to properly utilize SBSP, as any other solution would require a physical orbital tether, which is currently outside of feasible technology until a latch key breakthrough in materials science would allow such a tether to be built. WPT would allow the near-limitless power able to be generated through SBSP to be transmitted back down to the planet for usage anywhere across the globe. WPT also has numerous other uses and applications, which interestingly enough would require a technology such as SBSP to become more commonplace. Thus, these two technologies are inherently tied together in a feedback loop.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I am a university student studying theoretical physics. I am currently assisting a Portland State University emeritus professor in studying quark confinement. Outside of this, I run a small futurism website, Seize My Future, which is designed to help bridge the gap between cutting edge science, futurism, and public communication.

What future-oriented topics or issues are you focusing on currently?

I am primarily oriented on space-based futures, though I do have interests in transhumanism and longevity research. I am currently in the process of writing a book, Our Future Among the Stars (a working title), which is designed to first inform the interested public about the possible future of space exploration over the next fifty years, and to then motivate them to become more involved in pushing for expanded human involvement in space. I am particularly interested in researching and pushing for space-based technologies that have clear benefits for those still on Earth, as I believe the key to motivating the public to demand more human involvement in space is for them to see just how much it can benefit their own lives, even if they never leave the atmosphere – or have any interest in science whatsoever.

If you could bring about one change in the world to ensure a positive future – what would it be?

The one change that I would like to bring about is ensuring that humans become a truly interplanetary species. This is actually one of my primary life goals, and one I seek to bring into my work as a futurist. I believe that becoming an interplanetary species is the ultimate insurance policy, and is the epitome of the human pioneer spirit. Once we become an interplanetary species, I believe that not only will we have insurance against a catastrophic global disaster, but that we will start to become closer as a species.


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